Zombie Killer Squad for Android – Free Download

December 19, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Zombie Killer Squad for Android – Free Download
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Zombie Killer Squad for AndroidZombie Killer Squad is an action-racing game available for Android and iOS in which you guide a survivor who runs for his life in a town totally full of zombies. As is common in the genre, the protagonist runs automatically and it is up to the player to dodge the obstacles and choose the best moments to jump, duck and change direction.

The control is very simple, simply slide your finger in the desired direction to evade the hazards. The leaps and the balls are made in a predictable way through gestures upward and downward, and the shots occur whenever you put your finger on the display.

As you gather coins, it is possible to buy new weapons and power-ups that make the journey in the universe post-apocalyptic. There are also funny cats and vehicles motorcycles, for example, that increase the speed.


  • Excellent playability
  • Many upgrades and power-ups with affordable prices
  • Exciting and realistic sounds


  • Low resolution textures

Download: Zombie Killer Squad for Android

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