Zombie Tsunami for PC – Free Download

November 21, 2013, Category: Android, Games, Mac, Windows
Zombie Tsunami for PC – Free Download
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Zombie Tsunami for PCZombie Tsunami puts you in control of a zombie who runs non-stop through the streets of a devastated city. The goal is to guide the character’s movements so it doesn’t trip over obstacles such as manholes, cars and buildings under construction.

While the zombie advances, he bites all people who find ahead. Each victim gives rise to another Member to the group. In this way, the race continues as long as you have at least one zombie.

As the character runs alone by the platform of the game, you only need to worry about jumping. To do this, simply make a touch anywhere on the visor. The longer you hold the finger, the higher the jump will be.

The game features some missions that must be met in the course of the phases. Each time you complete one of these goals, a certain amount of green liquid will be added to a container. When the glass is full, you will get the equivalent in points that can be redeemed for special objects in the store.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Excellent visual quality
  • High quality fun sounds
  • Missions and upgrades

Unfortunately, at the moment there is not a PC version of the game. You will need to install Bluestacks Emulator in order to play Zombie Tsunami on your PC.

Download: Zombie Tsunami for PCZombie Tsunami for Android

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